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About me

My background as a bodyworker began with Shiatsu and Traditional Oriental Medicine.

I worked for many years as a Shiatsu Practitioner and a Corporate Onsite Massage therapist, taking time off when my children were small. When they were both in school, I began practising again and I also began running again, for the first time since I was at secondary school.

In order to deal with the running injuries I inevitably fell victim to, I turned to sports massage which always helped me to gain insight into why I was injured and to recover and get back running.

I became inspired to study massage myself and enrolled in Jing Institute’s BTEC level 6 3-year course in Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage.

I run with Brighton Phoenix Athletics club and race from 5k to marathon distance as well as some Winter cross country and I’m usually at my local parkrun on a Saturday.

I know what it’s like to be injured and unable to do the thing you love. I also know first-hand the benefit of massage in aiding recovery and the importance of proper rehabilitation and maintenance in order to recover properly and to stay healthy and perform well.

I am an eternal student and continually learning and growing as a therapist. Since qualifying, I have taken further courses in working with runners, pregnancy massage, hot stones and more.

I love my work and am always striving to make my treatments more effective.

This course is the highest available qualification in massage currently available in the UK. The course covers in-depth training in trigger point therapy, myofascial release, orthopaedic assessment, pathology, rehabilitation and much more. As part of my training, I also conducted a research project into how clinical massage can help runners with iliotibial band syndrome.


Training with Jing Institute of Advanced Massage, Brighton:

2015-2017 – BTEC level 6 in Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage: Sports & Events Massage; Soft Tissue Release; Certificate in Myofascial Release; Pathology; Anatomy of Injury; Orthopedic Assessment; Rehabilitation; Practical research project
2016 – Hot Stone Fusion
2015 – Rib thorax and abdomen pain; Temporomandibular joint (jaw) pain; Pregnancy massage
2014-2015 – Certificate in Advanced Clinical Massage including modules in: Low back pain; Neck and shoulder pain; Arm, wrist and carpal tunnel pain; Shoulder girdle pain; Hip and pelvis pain; Leg and foot pain; Advanced stretching

Additional Training:

2018-2019 – diploma in Reflexology
2018-2019 – diploma in Aromatherapy
2017 – Tom Goom’s Running Repairs
2017 – Kinetic Revolution’s Functional Running Assessment and Gait Retraining
2016/ 2018/ 2019 – Douglas Heel’s Be Activated level 1

Shiatsu Training:

2014 – Treating trauma with Shiatsu and TCM
2012 – Treating low back pain with Shiatsu and TCM
2000 – Shiatsu College one year post graduate training
1993-1996 – 3-year diploma in Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Shiatsu College, Brighton

Onsite Massage training:

2001 – Certificate in On Site Massage from the Academy of Onsite Massage

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