Be-Activated Muscle Activation for Health and Performance

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What is Be-Activated? 

Put simply, it’s a system of muscle activation with the purpose of switching on muscles that are not functioning at full power and ensuring that everything is firing in the right order. It rests on the underlying premise that, in order to survive, our body needs to breathe and to move. And it will prioritise these functions above all else! As we go through life and encounter life’s inevitable stresses, possibly traumatic experiences, or perhaps we don’t use our bodies enough – think sitting at a desk all day – or we push ourselves to our limits; then we start in some way to shut down. When we are babies, we naturally breathe fully using our diaphragms. As adults, most of us have forgotten how to breathe properly!

When this happens, and our bodies no longer breathe and move in the most optimal way, we find other ways, at whatever cost, to ensure that we can still breathe and move somehow. We develop compensation patterns. This may result in sub-optimal performance, lack of energy and reduced strength. Eventually, it may lead to pain and could make us more susceptible to certain kinds of injury.

How does it work?

When you come for a session, the first thing I’ll do is to test to see what your ‘pattern’ is. An ideal pattern is a 123. Zone 1 is our centre or core and includes the diaphragm, psoas and glutes, and zones 2 and 3 are the muscles further out. So ideally movement is initiated from the centre out in an expansive way. However, most of us will not be ideal! Other muscles will compensate for our psoas and glutes and activate by driving inwards, so that instead of expanding out we are effectively putting the brakes on ourselves. The particular compensation pattern you exhibit will likely help to shed some light on why you have certain pain patterns or are susceptible to a particular kind of injury.

Next, I’ll go through an activation sequence, always beginning with the diaphragm and the breath. The full activation sequence covers the whole body. This involves a set of muscle resistance and flexibility tests to determine the effectiveness of each muscle followed by stimulation of various activation points. Results are instant, in that you will see improved muscle strength immediately following activation.

Muscle Activation restores the body’s natural neuromuscular functions and helps to bring it back to its optimal state. The changes that occur on the table translate into reduction of pain, calming of the nervous system and improved performance. Your body, however, might need reminding to keep working in its new and better way! Self-activation is quick and easy to do at home, and I’ll show you how.

Who is it for?

Be-Activated is perfect for athletes who are looking to overcome injury or to boost performance. But is not just for athletes, anyone can benefit from it! From elderly people who would like to be able to stand up out of a chair more easily, to desk bound office workers with neck pain and shallow breathing patterns.

If you’d like to read more about the Muscle Activation techniques and one person’s experience with it, here is a link to a great article from Runner’s World: