Clinical Massage Therapy Brighton and Hove

Clinical Massage Therapy Brighton and Hove

Clinical Massage Therapy Brighton and Hove

Clinical Massage Therapy is an umbrella term that covers a range of advanced massage techniques. These techniques specifically target the source of pain and discomfort that originates within the soft tissues of the body.

Myofascial Release (MFR)

The fascia is a continuous three dimensional web of connective tissue that surrounds all our muscles, nerves, bones and internal organs. It allows our bodies tissues to move and slide freely over each other. Restrictions in the fascia can arise due to lack of movement, surgery, trauma or repetitive strain and this can lead to stiffness and pain. Myofascial release techniques aim to release these restrictions and free up the fascia that runs around and through our muscles (myofascia).

MFR techniques can be ‘direct’ or ‘indirect’. In direct MFR, deep gliding pressure using fists, knuckles, elbows or palms is used to ‘iron out’ the fascia. Indirect MFR techniques involve putting the fascia on a stretch and listening deeply, following the direction of ease to bring about a release.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points are tender points (or ‘knots’) within muscles or the myofascia that can form due to overuse, under use or trauma to a muscle. Trigger points can be painful or sensitive when pressed, and can also refer pain to other areas of the body. This referred pain occurs in characteristic patterns so that pain in one area can be traced to its source in trigger points occurring in a specific muscle or muscles.

Trigger points are treated by systematically searching the muscle for these tender points and then holding them with static compression until the sensation subsides. Compression of these points can sometimes cause a ‘good pain’ but should not be uncomfortably painful. I will check in with you while I am working to ensure that it always remains within your comfort level.


Various stretching techniques will be incorporated into the treatment to lengthen the muscles that have been worked. These stretching techniques include:

  • Passive stretching
  • Active isolated stretching (AIS)
  • Proprioceptive neurofaciliation (PNF)
  • Soft tissue Release (STR)

Acupressure and Shiatsu

I incorporate Shiatsu techniques into my treatments, including the use of specific acupressure points. Please see the section ‘What is Shiatsu‘ for more information.


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