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What is Holistic Massage?

I offer several different modalities that come under the umbrella of a more holistic kind of massage.

This type of Massage Therapy can help to:

  • Achieve a state of deep relaxation and calm the nervous system
  • Improve general feelings of wellbeing
  • Aid restful sleep
  • Help with symptoms of depression and anxiety

These treatments are generally more focussed on relaxation and overall health, helping to combat symptoms of stress such as insomnia, tension, headaches, anxiety or digestive problems. I also work with people who have long term conditions such as fibromyalgia or multiple sclerosis. Regular Massage Therapy helps them to cope with the symptoms of their illness. For example, it can help with fatigue, stiffness or muscle pain or spasm.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is gentler type of massage than deep tissue. It involves smooth, gliding strokes with hands or forearms and kneading actions to relax the muscles and nervous system and aid blood flow. If you prefer a deeper massage, then a Deep Tissue Massage might be more appropriate. Deep Tissue Massage can be part of a more Sports or Remedial treatment but can also be extremely relaxing as tension is eased out of your muscles on a deeper level. It can also be combined with reflexology, hot stones, or aromatherapy oils for an even more therapeutic experience!

Hot Stones

Hot stone massage is an amazingly relaxing and luxurious way to de-stress! Basalt stones are heated in a water and then used to massage the body. The stones are used as an extension of the therapist’s hands. Different areas of the body are massaged using mostly effleurage and petrissage techniques – long, smooth strokes or kneading actions. The heat penetrates deep into the body bringing about deep relaxation and softening the muscles. Sharper edged stones can be used for more specific stripping or trigger point work if it is needed.
Hot stones can be combined really well with deep tissue massage. The stones heat and relax the muscles making it easier to work deeply into the muscles with fingers, thumbs or elbows.


Shiatsu has a lot in common with acupuncture in its background. It originates in Japan and developed out of the rich philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. During a Shiatsu session, we work with the Meridians or Channels through which energy or Ki flows around the body. There are 12 Meridians that connect with each of the internal organs, for example the Lung and Heart Meridians. Shiatsu is performed through clothing, and the practitioner uses palms, thumbs and sometimes elbows or even knees, to apply pressure along the path of the Meridians. The aim is to connect with the Ki of the particular Meridians being worked and help to restore balance. Sometimes Ki can become depleted or blocked and Shiatsu can improve its flow, leading to improved health and wellbeing.


Reflexology is an extremely pleasant and relaxing experience. Both feet are massaged initially to soften and warm them up. Then each foot is worked in turn, whilst the other is wrapped in a warm towel. The theory behind reflexology is that the entire body can be mapped onto the feet. Certain areas on the feet are said to correspond to different areas of the body including all the internal organs. The whole foot and all the reflex areas are worked thoroughly and sensitively. Some areas may feel a little tender, but on the whole the experience is generally profoundly relaxing.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage involves the use of personally selected essential oil blends. Essential oils are extracted from plants and all have distinctive aromas and therapeutic properties. The oils are chosen according to your preference and your needs for that session; whether you want to calm an overactive mind, ease tired, overworked muscles, or to feel refreshed and invigorated. An Aromatherapy Massage is usually based on a relaxing Swedish Massage style, but aromatherapy oils can also be combined with Deep Tissue Massage if that is your preference.

Pregnancy Massage

I offer pregnancy massage for women from 12 weeks and through to the very late stages of pregnancy. Pregnancy massage can be a gentle and relaxing treatment, allowing you a nurturing space to relax and connect with yourself and your baby. I can also work more deeply with you if required in order to address specific areas of pain or tension, such as tension in the shoulders, breathlessness, hip pain, sciatica or low back pain. I will usually work with you in side position, using pillows and bolsters to ensure that you feel completely comfortable and supported.

Holistic Massage Price List

35 Minutes 45 Minutes 60 Minutes 75 Minutes 90 Minutes
Aromatherapy Massage N/A N/A £55 N/A £80
Deep Tissue Massage £39 N/A £55 £70 £80
Deep Tissue Massage with Aromatherapy Oils N/A N/A £55 N/A £80
Deep Tissue Massage with Stones N/A N/A £60 N/A £85
Hot Stone Massage N/A N/A £60 N/A £85
Pregnancy Massage N/A N/A £55 N/A N/A
Reflexology N/A £40 N/A N/A N/A
Reflexology & Aromatherapy Massage N/A N/A N/A £70 N/A
Reflexology & Deep Tissue Massage N/A N/A N/A £70 N/A
Reflexology & Hot Stone Massage N/A N/A N/A £70 N/A
Shiatsu Massage £39 N/A £55 N/A N/A
Swedish Massage £39 N/A £55 N/A £80

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